group hypnosis class

Have you ever wanted to know more about hypnosis, to experience hypnosis, or to learn self hypnosis techniques? Whether you have experienced hypnosis before and love the hypnotic process or want to try hypnosis for the first time, this Group Hypnosis class is for you. These enjoyably relaxing classes are designed more for recreation than change work and to help you understand the power of the subconscious mind. Treat yourself to the experience!!

Walk away feeling:

  • Empowered and recharged

  • Balanced and relaxed

  • Sense of peace and joy


  • Call or email to find out availability and sign-up



Tuition Includes:

  • One class. Each class is 3-hours long

  • Explanation of hypnosis and how the subconscious mind works

  • Experience 2 hypnotic sessions with a chance to reflect in-between

  • Demonstration and practice of a self-hypnosis technique


  • Sept. 28th - 11am-2pm (Saturday) - class full

  • Oct. 13th - 10am-1pm (Sunday)

  • Nov. 14th - 5pm-8pm (Thursday)

*Some classes may have a specific topic, which will be listed above