Payment:  Payment is due at the time of service.  Credit Cards accepted.
Refund:  Once you begin the single or bundle sessions, there will be no refunds.  All single or bundle Hypnotherapy sessions are to be paid in full upon your first session.
Insurance:  We do not bill insurance companies for services, however some insurance companies may reimburse you for services. You will need to consult with your insurance company or review your policy for details.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful process of mental focus and physical relaxation that allows you to access the healing resources of your subconscious mind.  Perfectly safe and gentle, it is a natural and frequent state of mind.  Most of us enter into a light hypnotic state many times throughout our day when we are doing something routine, such as driving a car or when we are deeply relaxed, daydreaming or reading a book.  During these activities you remain consciously aware and completely in control, just as you do when a professional helps you to enter a state of hypnosis.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

A trained Hypnotherapist uses proven hypnotherapy techniques such as progressive relaxation, direct suggestion, guided imagery and active imagination to help you enter a hypnotic state.  This is a state of consciousness where you are alert and, at the same time, very relaxed.  In this relaxed state, you are more responsive to ideas and suggestions which allows you to begin focusing your mind on your desires and goals.   

​The hypnotic state is a pleasant experience of feeling relaxed, aware, and focused all at the same time.  The subconscious becomes more free and receptive to new information, allowing it to accept positive and beneficial suggestions, to release emotional blocks that have become the obstacle in achieving your goals, and to transform old habits and patterns into new and constructive ones.

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

The initial consultation with a new client will take approximately 30 minutes.  At this time, we will discuss your goals and how hypnotherapy can help you.  I will customize a program to fit your exact needs and suggest a number of sessions which may be appropriate for you and your particular situation. Although a series of 3-5 sessions is optimal, you may experience significant and lasting results after just one session.

Hypnotherapy Services Offered:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Fear Release for Expecting Families​
  • ​Anxiety

These fees apply to all Hypnotherapy services:

Initial Consultation:  FREE 30 minute, phone or

in-person consultation
Private Single Session:  $120/hour

Private Bundle Sessions:

  • 5 Sessions - $575 
  • 8 Sessions - $880 

Pop-Up Hypnosis:  Fun and affordable group hypnosis classes.  Check New View Hypnosis Facebook page for details

HypnoBirthing:  Visit the Class Details section of our website to view upcoming class dates and rates.

HypnoMothering:  Visit the Class Details section of our website to view upcoming class dates and rates.